Natra Taste Gold Sweetener, Zero Calorie

Perfect for cooking & baking! Cup for cup. Measures just like sugar. Stay fresh resealable zipper. If youre looking for the sweet taste of sugar without the calories, then try NatraTaste Gold zero calorie sweetener. Enjoy the perfect amount of sweetness in your favorite drinks and foods at a great price. Whether in your coffee or in your baked goods, make the sweet choice to use NatraTaste Gold. You may need to modify your recipes when replacing sugar with NatraTaste Gold Zero Calorie Sweetener for those recipes that require the sugar to do more than sweeten, such as browning or adding volume. For more delicious, reduced-calorie recipes please visit us at Each serving contains less than 2 calories which the FDA considers dietetically zero. Suitable for people with diabetes. Gluten free. For all inquiries, call toll free 1-800-628-7211 or write to: NatraTaste Gold, Consumer Inquiry Dept., 2 Cumberland Street, Brooklyn, New York 11205 USA. Please include production code No. and 10 digit UPC No. below. Visit us online at This product is packed by weight. Settling may occur during shipping and handling, reducing the apparent volume of the bag, which may reduce the actual number of servings. Try our other great NatraTaste products!