Archived The Goodlife Recipe Archived W/Chicken Brown Rice & Vegetables Dry Dog Food 15.5 Lb Bag

You can't go halfway with all natural. Hard to believe, but some companies still use artificial flavors to enhance the taste of their dog food. So when people think their dogs are enjoying the taste of real Ingredients, they're really chowing down on artificially flavored kibble. Truly all-natural products, like the goodlife recipe dog food, taste great and are free of artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors and preservatives. And full of the good stuff that keeps your dog healthy and happy. Ingredients found in kitchens, not laboratories, like all- natural chicken, whole grains and real vegetables. Because call us crazy, we believe if you say you're all natural, you should actually use all natural Ingredients. Powerful muscles: we use real, protein-rich natural chicken to help build and maintain strong, lean muscles. Easy digestion: the whole grain brown rice and beet fiber help maintain a healthy digestive tract. Healthy metabolism: the iron from spinach and peas, and energy from corn helps keep bodies running efficiently. Strong hearts: lycopene-rich tomatoes and high quality protein helps keep your pet's most important muscle in top shape. Strong eyes: carrots are a good source of vitamin a and beta-carotene that help promote healthy vision. Solid immune system: the antioxidants found in cranberries, blueberries and tomatoes, as well as vitamins like vitamin c help maintain a healthy immune system. Shiny coats: quality vegetable oil, fat, and fatty acids help maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat. The goodlife recipe all natural plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids food for dogs is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the aafco dog food nutrient profiles for growth and gestation/lactation. All natural Plus vitamins, minerals And amino acids 2X the antioxidant vitamin e for healthy hearts Improved zipper!