Quaker Tortillaz, Zesty Guacamole Flavor

Air baked rice and corn crisps. Naturally & artificially flavored. Made with grains. Air baked. Grains that are crunchy and craveable! Quaker Tortillaz are deliciously light and crispy - made from real grains like rice and corn. We use a unique air baking approach that heats these wholesome grains until they're popped, locking in a snappy crunch. Each crisp is then sprinkled with bold, authentic seasonings for a satisfying, craveable snack. Smart choices made easy. When choosing a snack, these Quaker Tortillaz Rice and Corn Chips are a smart choice because they are low in saturated fat and have 0 g trans fat. One of over 300 smart choices made easy from PepsiCo.