DeLallo Almond Honey Nougat Candy, Soft Torrone

Torrone with almonds. 18 Pieces - assorted flavors. No preservatives. No sugar added. The recipe for this delicious candy was brought over by Mrs. DeLallo, matriarch of the DeLallo family. Her family brought this recipe for torrone to the United States and made it for home use shortly after the turn of the 20th century, over 100 years ago. This delicious candy was made only for home use and given for gifts at Christmas time, wrapped only in a paper bag or newspaper. On a recent trip to her hometown in Italy (Talonica, Province of Caserta) Mrs. DeLallo had this wonderful dessert produced commercially in her homeland. Today, you can now enjoy that same wonderful flavor that her friends and family have been eating for years. Enjoy this in good health. Salute. Made in Italy.