Grainfields Cereal, Multi-Grain Flakes, with Rice Bran

Oven toasted. 100% Natural, no salt added, no preservatives, sweetened with fruit juice. Grainfield's Multi-Grain Flakes are healthy, natural, nutritious way to start your day. We start with a blend of rice, corn, wheat, oats, and rice brain, oven toast it, and sweeten it with fruit juice concentrate and a touch of barley malt. The blend of these cereal grains delivers a unique, great tasting product. It's the perfect selection for your low sodium diet, with no added preservatives. Enjoy Grainfield's Multi-Grain Flakes for breakfast, snack or as an ingredient for your favorite recipes. For your healthy start breakfast, make the natural choice, Grainfield's Multi-Grain Flakes. They're delicious, contain very low sodium, and are 100% natural. (Not a sodium free or low calorie food.) No artificial ingredients. Grainfield's Multi-Grain Flakes contain 2g of sugar per serving which occurs naturally in the fruit juice, barley malt and cereal grains.