Annie Chuns Noodle Express, Thai Peanut

FreshPak ramen noodles in a Thai peanut sauce. Microwave 1 minute. All natural Asian cuisine. 100% Natural, vegetarian, no MSG, no preservatives. Earth-friendly biodegradable tray. Get on the Noodle Express: As a working mom, I'm always looking for meals that are quick, nutritious and delicious for our busy family. That's why I created this Thai Peanut Noodle Express. People of all ages have loved my Peanut Sauce ever since I started this business at the Farmers' market. It's even a hit with kids who have never tried Asian food before. My noodle express meals are easy to store in your desk or cupboard for a fast lunch at work or a quick meal at home. And if you have a little extra time, please add a few fresh chopped vegetables, maybe even some tofu or chicken for a restaurant quality meal in minutes. And you can always feel food that our earth-friendly heat and serve dish is biodegradable. Happy Eating! -Annie. Thai noodles: This meal is the express version of the traditional peanut noodle dishes that are so popular in the busy noodle shops all over Thailand. My recipe blend delicate layers pf peanut, sesame and ginger into a sauce that is delicious and satisfying. My new FreshPak ramen noodles: are a delicious change to the dry deep-fried ramen so prevalent in American diets. My noodles are prepared in the traditional style of Asian cuisine - steamed and blanched for a firm and flavorful texture that blends beautifully with my signature sauces. Now you can send your taste buds on a three thousand mile journey in a matter of minutes.