Reed's Ginger Beer, Extra 4 ea

All natural. America's No. 1 ginger beer. Craft ginger beer. Non-alcoholic. 100% more ginger than original for extra bite. Demand real! Enjoy our world-famous, Jamaican-inspired recipe, made with real fresh ginger root, natural fruit juices, honey and spices. Perfect straight-up or mixed. Reed's pioneered craft ginger beer in the US and remains America's best-selling choice. It is packed with fresh ginger—known globally for its many health benefits and stimulating properties. Reed's freshens with an invigorating ginger bite, a surprisingly smooth finish and a warm afterglow. All-natural, real ingredients and nothing else—no flavorings, no colorings, no preservatives. 12 fl oz. 355ml. Jamaican style ginger beer. Medium spice level. Smooth medium spice.