Old English Furniture Polish, Country

Conditions and protects with Stainguard Protectant. Superior protection Stainguard from everyday stains. Stainguard Protectant helps keep furniture beautiful longer. Superior protection everyday without residue build up (vs. dusting sprays); Conditions and helps protect from everyday stains including mustard, ketchup, wax crayons, and candle wax; Helps protect against water spills and helps cover minor scratches; Cleans and shines. All your wood furniture requires special care and attention. For over 100 years, Old English has been building a caring tradition as the trusted expert to preserve the genuine beauty of the furniture you love. The ingredients in Old English Furniture Polish with Stainguard Protectant have been specially formulated to go beyond just cleaning and shining, to actually condition and protect your wood furniture. Use it regularly to get even better protection. Old English with Stainguard Protectant is an easy way to help you nurture the natural lustre of your wood furniture, so it stays beautiful longer. Convenient Multi-Service Use: You can trust Old English to clean and protect all your wood surfaces, including todays contemporary woods like pine, oak, teak, walnut and lighter veneers. Use Old English on light, medium and dark color wood. Traditional & contemporary furniture; Paneling; Cabinets. Contains no CFCs or other ozone depleting substances. Federal regulations prohibit CFC propellants in aerosols.