Our Signature Meats

Our Butchers take great pride in creating our line of specialty meats. Using the finest meats and choicest ingredients, we craft culinary creations beyond description. Try one today and see why Affiliated Marine Supply® is a Cut Above.

Original Armadillo Eggs

Our Butchers take tender, juicy chicken thighs and stuff them with our homemade Green Onion Sausage, wrap them in savory bacon and gently smoke them in our very own smokehouse.

Hawaiian Armadillo Eggs

Juicy chicken thighs stuffed with fresh, sweet pineapple and cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and smoked, prepared by our own Butchers

Smoked Rosemary Chicken Medallions

Moist, delectable chicken thighs, stuffed with our homemade green onion sausage and gently smoked in our own smokehouse. We then add a drizzle of our Signature Molasses Glaze.

Stuffed Pork Chop

Fresh Pork Stuffed Bell Peppers


Fresh Seafood Stuffed Peppers