Cannata’s invites you to come view our Remembrance of St. Joseph – a small devotional altar at all of our locations starting Wednesday, March 15 and continuing through Sunday, March 19.

St. Joseph played a prominent role in the early life of Jesus as his Foster Father. Today St. Joseph’s Day is celebrated all over the country, but more so here in the south. The origins of the Italian-American version of St. Joseph’s Day most likely date back to Medieval Sicily when the saint was said to have answered the people’s prayers by ending one of the island’s legendary droughts. Ever since, St. Joseph’s Day has been celebrated with a large Lenten feast often served in Italian American families and an elaborate altar dedicated to the Saint.

The altar tradition plays a major role in the veneration of St. Joseph. Viva Santa Guiseppe! Glorious St. Joseph, model of all who are devoted to labor — pray for us all.

St. Joseph Altars are a long standing tradition in the Cannata family, starting with our Maternal Grandmother in the 1940s. For decades, we carried on this tradition in the family corner grocery store.