Cooking with Rum

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World Renowned Spirits Master comes to Cannata’s

Tuesday August 29th
at our West Side location

A cooking show style experience bringing new flavors to enjoy with exquisite aged and flavored rums.

Tuesday August 29th | 6-8pm
$10 per person

in our Expansive Liquor Department
in our West Houma location


or get your Tickets HERE!

John Meisler, Executive Chef and Global Brand Ambassador for Don Q Puerto Rican Rum along with Cannata’s presents a Culinary and Cocktail adventure: Cooking with Puerto Rican Rum – My Favorite Spice rack!

Additionally: Old Fashioneds, Manhattans and Sazeracs, Oh MY! Luxury Rums in a Whiskey World.

Sample your favorite Classic Whiskey cocktails made with Don Q Premium aged rums as presented by New Orleans Mixologists!

We’re telling you … don’t miss this one!


  • Cannata’s Smoked Brisket with Don Q Spiced Between the Sheets Caribbean BB sauce 

  • Seared Sea Scallops in Don Q Single Barrel Beurre Blanc with fennel and thyme over sweet potato chips

  • Pirates Coast Jambalaya – with Don Q COCO Rum

  • Coco Pineapple Jubilee over vanilla ice cream

About John Meisler

John Meisler has been a part of the culinary world, spirits and wines throughout his life beginning in New Orleans. John was fortunate enough to grow up in an old New Orleans family deeply rooted in the world of authentic Creole Cuisine.

In his family heritage are names like Zatarain’s Spices and Delmonico’s Restaurant. He is an acclaimed worldwide speaker, educator and tasting facilitator and has done extensive work on food pairings with wines, spirits and cocktails. He is also a leader in using the wonderful flavors in spirits, wines and beers as base ingredients and accent spices in preparing wonderful epicurean delights, with the current focus on Puerto Rican Rums adding a wonderful Caribbean twist to some old family New Orleans’ recipes.

John served as VP of Global Sales Training and Brand Education with Jim Beam Brands for many years before focusing on Rums and is well versed in all aspects of spirits and wines. Meisler is a founding Board member of the United States Bartender’s Guild Master Accreditation program to certify the title of Master Mixologist.

He was inducted as a “Keeper of the Quaich,” an industry based Scottish Royal Society, for his lifelong achievements in the advocacy of Whiskey. He is currently the Executive Chef, Global Brand Ambassador and Midwest Regional sales Manager for Serralles USA – a portfolio of premium rums and other premium spirits, including Don Q, Barrow’s Intense, Caliche and Death’s Door Spirits. John has been featured at the Kohler Food and Wine Show, Music City Food and Wine Festival, Epcot Food and Wine Festival, Rum Renaissance, Chicago Gourmet, Whiskey Festivals in Beijing and Mumbai,The Midwest Culinary Institute, Cordon Blue and many spirits, wines and culinary events around the world and on television.

See John in action at the Epcot Food & Wine Festival

ALSO JOIN US for these upcoming events!

Join us TUESDAY, August 29th from 6-8 pm for a culinary and cocktail adventure in our expansive Wine & Spirits Department.
6307 West Park Avenue, Houma

$10 per person


or get your Tickets HERE!

Talk wine with our resident wine expert Lane Bates.
985.209.9762 or email




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