Grilled New York Strip Steak

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Grilled New York Strip Steak

New York Strip is one of our favorite steaks to grill.  Grill recipes for steak don’t get any easier than this!  As with grilling filet mignon, less is more when grilling new york strip steaks.  The best way to grill these kinds of steaks is over direct high heat.  This method seals in the juices and cooks the steak quickly, not allowing the steak to dry out.  Below are step by step instructions on how to grill a new york strip steak.

Grill Method: Direct grilling over high heat with the lid open.
Grilling Time: About 8 minutes total for a 1″ thick New York Strip steak.

New York Strip Steak
Garlic Salt
Fresh Ground Pepper



  1. Approximately 45 minute before you are ready to grill your new york strip steaks, take them out of the fridge and rub in some garlic salt and fresh ground pepper. Leave them on the counter to let them warm to room temperature.
  2. Preheat the grill on high for direct grilling.
  3. Clean your grill with a grill brush.
  4. Hold your hand about 2 inches above the grill and see if the temperature is right. For gas grilling steaks over high heat, you don’t want to be able to hold your hand over the grill for more than 5 seconds. Don’t try to be tough, you know when it is hot!
  5. Place the new york strip steaks on the grill with tongs. NEVER pierce the skin of the steaks with a fork!
  6. After about 2 minutes, use tongs to pick up the steaks, rotate 90 degrees and then place the steaks back on the grill for those nice grill marks.
  7. After 2 more minutes, you are ready to flip the steaks. Pick them up and flip them over. This is the only time you are going to flip the steaks (we told you this was easy).
  8. After another 2 minutes, rotate the new york strip steaks another 90 degrees.
  9. Now grill them for a final 2 minutes and they should be ready.  Take the grilled steaks off the grill and let them rest for at least 5 minutes before serving.  You can always stick them back on the grill for a few minutes if they aren’t done enough.

Tips on Grilling Steaks Number 1, How to tell a Strip Steak is Done: 
You NEVER want to cut into our steaks or pierce the steaks in any way. When you first picked up the raw steaks with tongs to place on the grill, they were pretty limp, right?  When you grill a steak, the flesh gets firm.  So a medium grilled thinner steak, like a strip or a ribeye should bend a little when picked up with tongs, but will be more firm than when raw.  The more rigid the steak, the more well done!  It will take a little practice, but you should be able to tell with this “rigid steak” test after observing a few times.

Serve your grilled new york strip steaks with some grilled vegetables or a nice baked potato and enjoy!


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